Cryptic Masonry Awards

Council Awards Booklet

​​      This booklet makes it easy for any Council or awards committee to know how to nominate someone for all of the different Council awards for the state.

Council Awards Booklet

Cryptic Mason of the Year

      One medal each year presented to a Cryptic Mason by the General Grand Council for exceptional and meritorious service to Cryptic Masonry above and beyond the call of duty. No Past or Present Grand Master.

Cryptic Mason of the Year Recipients

​Youth Leadership

      One medal presented annually in each Jurisdiction affiliated with General Grand Council to a nominee who shall be a leader in one of the youth organizations recognized by the General Grand Council who has displayed exceptional and meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty , namely: Order of DeMolay, Order of Rainbow for Girls or Order of Job’s Daughters.

Youth Leadership Recipients

​Ish Sodi

      As Cryptic Masons we are taught “ISH SODI” means “Select Man, or Man of My Choice.”  The Council Award should represent Select Men. 

Ish Sodi Recipients

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Order of the Secret Vault

      The “OSV” is from the General Grand Council International and is a recognition of the Companions continued service to the Council.  The Order of the Secret Vault is by invitation only and only those that have received it may make a nomination to the College Dean, who then makes the final selection and forwards the nomination on to the College of Preservation to make the final decision as to who receives the Order.  Recipients of this order are known as a Companion of the Secret Vault, and receive a certificate and a jewel to wear.

Order of the Secret Vault Recipients