Royal Arch Masonry Awards

​Chapter Awards Booklet

​      This booklet makes it easy for any Chapter or awards committee to know how to nominate someone for all of the different Chapter awards for the state.

Chapter Awards Booklet

Distinguished Service Medal (Bronze)

      This Medal is given in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding and meritorious service to Royal Arch Masonry other than that of holding Masonic Office as a Past Grand High Priest or as a Grand Chapter Officer. 

Distinguished Service Medal (Bronze) Recipients

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Distinguished Service Medal (Silver)

      The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal in Silver is presented for the performance of outstanding service for the York Rite, but particularly for Royal Arch Masonry, within a particular York Rite Region. Nominations may be made by any Royal Arch Mason or by a Grand Chapter, submitted through the Deputy General Grand High Priest for the York Rite Region where the proposed recipient holds his membership. Such applications shall be forwarded by the Deputy General Grand High Priest to the General Grand Secretary for action by the General Grand Royal Arch Council. Nominations shall be accompanied by a resume of the Royal Arch Service of the proposed recipient and a brief biographical statement. This award is presented only once during each Triennium to a Royal Arch Mason of one of the affiliated Grand Jurisdictions of each York Rite Region. Not more than three such Silver Medals also may be presented at the Triennial Convocation from selection at large.

Distinguished Service Medal (Silver) Recipients

​Distinguished Service Medal (Gold)

​      The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal in Gold is presented by the General Grand Chapter for outstanding national or international achievement in the Arts and Sciences, in Public Service, and in Business and the Learned Professions. Not more than one medal may be presented each year.

Keystone Award

​      As the Principle Arch of the Temple of Solomon relied on the Keystone wrought by such great a man as Hiram Abiff, the award given by each Chapter in Utah should represent the qualities of the keystone as well as the man who wrought it. 

Keystone Award Recipients

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Ephraim Kirby Award

This prestigious award serves as an opportunity for the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch
Masons International to recognize extraordinary Companions who have attained past presiding
rank in their Grand York Rite bodies (Lodge, Chapter, Council, Commandery); and who have then
gone on to continue their work and commitment to service far beyond the term of their office and
the normal boundaries of dedication.

Ephraim Kirby Award Recipients