About Mark Masonry

      Following the Union of the Ancients and Moderns Grand Lodges and the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1813, the articles of union stated that there would be three Craft degrees only, including the Royal Arch, excluding the Mark degree.

      This put Mark Masonry in a rather delicate position. Despite of ancient origin, and clear operative practice, the Articles of Union clearly overlooked this system of Masonry. Fortunately for us, it persisted and as Freemasonry spread around the globe in the 18th and 19th centuries, Mark Masonry became well established and now has a worldwide presence, with six daughter Grand Lodges and the degree being worked under the Royal Arch in the United States.

      Outside of the United States, Mark lodges are not uncommon, but they are a largely unknown phenomenon here. Utah has one of the few independent Mark Lodges in the United States, Keystone Mark Master Masons Lodge № 00.

Membership Requirements​

Keystone Mark Master Masons Lodge № 00

Open to all Master Masons, membership in the Lodge of Mark Masters is predicated upon interest in the advanced Degrees of Masonry.