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Degrees of Cryptic Masonry

  • Royal Master
  • Select Master
  • Super Excellent Master

Cryptic Masonry

Termed Cryptic because the legends are centered around an ancient crypt beneath the Temple, Councils of Cryptic Masons form the center body of the York Rite of Freemasonry. A Master Mason may join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and receive the four degrees of that organization. After which he may seek further knowledge in Freemasonry and join a Council of Cryptic Masons.

Cryptic masonry takes you past the veils of the Craft experience, and into a crypt where you learn how The Word was preserved for all eternity. The Degrees of Cryptic Masonry occur prior to the events of the Master’s Degree, when the Widow’s Son was still alive. He entrusts a faithful servant, Adoniram, with the safe keeping of a precious treasure should anything befall him and how to recover it.

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