Distinguished Service Medal (Silver)

The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal in Silver is presented for the performance of outstanding service for the York Rite, but particularly for Royal Arch Masonry, within a particular York Rite Region. Nominations may be made by any Royal Arch Mason or by a Grand Chapter, submitted through the Deputy General Grand High Priest for the York Rite Region where the proposed recipient holds his membership. Such applications shall be forwarded by the Deputy General Grand High Priest to the General Grand Secretary for action by the General Grand Royal Arch Council. Nominations shall be accompanied by a resume of the Royal Arch Service of the proposed recipient and a brief biographical statement. This award is presented only once during each Triennium to a Royal Arch Mason of one of the affiliated Grand Jurisdictions of each York Rite Region. Not more than three such Silver Medals also may be presented at the Triennial Convocation from selection at large.

2008 – Owen C. Orton, Provo Chapter No. 4
2018 – Charles E. Warren, Sr, Utah Chapter No. 1